History of Chiracon

The company was founded in 1998. We are located in Luckenwalde, 60 km (40 miles) south of Berlin, Germany's capital. Two airports are close to the company: Berlin Tegel (50 min by car) and Berlin – Schönefeld (35 min by car).

Managing Director of Chiracon is Dr. Ralf Zuhse. Currently ten scientists for research and development are employed at Chiracon. All of them hold a university or college degree. The scientific staff of the company comes from well-known university research groups, who are leaders of research in the field of modern chiral synthesis. The specialization of these employees in areas such as up-scaling, analytics and quality management provide the basis for our research-oriented activities.

The Chiracon GmbH was founded with the objective of becoming the partner of choice for manufacturing quality intermediates and final products for the pharmaceutical sector with innovative manufacturing processes. 

Chiracon provides the pharmaceutical industry with long-standing know-how in the field of drug synthesis.

Based on modern technologies in the field of chiral chemo- and enzyme catalysis, Chiracon offers important technologies, which are crucial for modern drug synthesis. Relying on an ISO 9001 management system with an integrated GMP environment, Chiracon can offer fast project management in the field of drug development for new or generic products.

For many years Chiracon has been not only working by the aforementioned management systems, but we also adhere to strict regulatory requirements. 

Here at Chiracon each product, whether it is a so-called new entity or a generic product is treated so that the scientific information generated will be documented according to the structure of an IMPD or DMF even at the first initial stages.

The market for Chiracon's products are found globally around the world. Clients range extends from the research departments of large chemical producers, small companies that have insufficient capacity for research down to chemical trade companies, who resell our products.

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